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One of the most revered records in baseball is Cal Ripken’s most consecutive games played streak, which says a lot about the physical stress the sport puts on even the best athletes. Players spend over three hours on their feet, often playing games on several consecutive days. Sprinting, then jogging, then sitting, then standing…it’s tough on the lower body. You can be sure that many professional players rely on baseball insoles to relieve pain, and younger athletes can now get the same benefits.

NxtMile Kids’ Baseball Insoles are engineered to accommodate the unique needs of youth baseball players. Fitting precisely into rubber or metal cleated baseball shoes or boots, the 3:1 heel to forefoot elevation reduces or alleviates Achilles pain, Sever’s Disease, leg fatigue and knee strain such as Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease. Heel lifts reduce pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints, and calf strain. The medial and lateral arch stabilizer guides proper foot movement for kids’ feet during core baseball movements while the forefoot cleat pressure cushioning helps reduce foot fatigue and stress. Comfort and performance is further enhanced by a gel heel pad and DuPont Engage™ in the forefoot for greater energy return.

Product Details

  • Heel Position: 3:1 Heel to forefoot elevation
  • Stability: Medial and Lateral
  • Cushioning: Moderate, Gel heel pad, Engage EVA
  • Weight: 2.2 oz

Our 8 year old daughter had been complaining about her heels hurting after practices and games. We tried a soft insole as well as a gel heel cup we bought at a sporting goods store. The insoles and heel cups would move around when she tried to put her shoes on making it hard for her to wear and they didn't seem to help the pain. We put in a pair of NxtMile insoles in her soccer cleats and her heels stopped hurting after playing just one game.

Soccer Parent tired of soft insoles