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Hard-Hitting Protection
There’s no doubt that football is a physically taxing sport. But it’s more than just the big hits that keep players on the sidelines. The pressure on joints and muscles is extreme, and it can be just as hard on younger players as mature athletes. Luckily, relief for lower body issues including heel and knee pain can be found in football insoles.

Tailored to fit precisely in cleated football shoes, NxtMile kids’ football insoles provide the stability and cushioning required by the unique demands of football. The 3:1 elevated heel reduces the stresses that contribute to heel pain, which makes these Sever’s Disease insoles incredibly popular. They are also designed to minimize knee pain common among young players, often associated with Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease. The medial and lateral arch stabilizer guides proper foot movement for young feet during core football movements while the forefoot cleat pressure cushioning helps reduce foot fatigue and stress. Ultra-light, multi-density molded EVA optimizes athlete comfort from heel to toe during every practice and game.

Product Details

  • Heel Position: 3:1 Heel to forefoot elevation
  • Stability: Medial and Lateral
  • Cushioning: Moderate
  • Weight: 2.1 oz

My 9 year old daughter plays traveling soccer and had been suffering from Severs Disease. I tried EVERYTHING to relieve her pain. I spent hundreds of dollars on different shoes, inserts, took her to an orthopedic doctor, EVERYTHING! She has been wearing the NxtMile insoles for two months and she is pain free! More and more kids in her soccer club have been complaining about their feet hurting, and from now on, I will refer all of them to NxtMile. I just wish I would have found these inserts first, before spending so much money on other inserts, doctors, and medication. NxtMile works!

Soccer Mom who tried EVERYTHING