Design Philosophy

In 2010, NxtMile researchers completed an extensive sports insole wear study. The results proved that every athlete is fundamentally unique, and demands a unique approach to heel and knee pain. This validated our belief that one size never fits all when it comes to insole design. From this, NxtMile developed a design philosophy that acknowledges the vast differences between athletes and the unique demands of their various sports. Each sport places stress on the body, especially on the lower extremities including the lower back and hips. Aggressive, abrupt movements such as starting, stopping, running, jumping, and cutting produce tremendous pressure on joints and muscles.

When creating an effective pain relief insole for specific sports, even age and gender play a significant role. Younger, developing feet are anatomically very different from adult feet. Kids start out with relatively flat feet, with arch height developing through adolescence. Throughout adulthood, this process reverses itself and arches begin to fall and feet lose flexibility. To add another level of complexity, women tend to have higher arches than their male counterparts.

To deal with such a wide variety of demands, NxtMile collaborated with internationally renowned engineering firm i-Generator to design sports insoles that address many of the factors contributing to pain among adolescent athletes. i-Generator is led by the former head of advanced product development with Adidas and has worked with sports giants such as Nike, Under Armour, and Wolverine Worldwide.