Why Our Insoles Work

NxtMile is the first company to provide sports insoles specifically engineered to the physiological and biomechanical needs of younger athletes segmented by age. As complex as the engineering and construction of NxtMile sports insoles is, the results are simple — they reduce heel and knee pain. Through a combination of forward-thinking design and innovative materials, NxtMile has developed age specific insoles that maintain a targeted heel elevation, deliver appropriate cushioning, and ensure stability. In a controlled test of 100 youth soccer players wearing NxtMile sports insoles, nearly 95% of these athletes reported significantly less or no pain. How is this accomplished?

By elevating the athlete’s heel, it reduces stress on the Achilles tendon and the knee. The key is to maintain the elevated heel through every step, every movement, which requires a very dense foam cushion under the heel that won’t compress at impact. Average 
“one-size-fits-all” gel heel cups and softer insoles may feel more comfortable, but they can actually increase heel and knee pain by flattening out whenever the foot strikes the ground.

NxtMile kids’ sports insoles also align the body’s moving parts to prevent excessive wear and tear caused by aggressive and long-term athletic participation. Like any mechanical moving part, joints wear out. Increasing biomechanical efficiency through optimal alignment can reduce fatigue and injuries, especially those related to ground reaction forces, physical contact, and poor playing surfaces.